America makes masterplan to tighten Dragon, gives 60 days
America makes masterplan to tighten Dragon, gives 60 days

Washington: China, which is facing allegations of spreading corona all over the world, is now surrounded by all-round. America has made a plan to rein in China. According to media reports, the US has given 60 days notice to China. America will now monitor Chinese companies. The US has identified and prepared a list of 20 companies of China, which are controlled by the military regime in Beijing. Chinese companies are also accused of taking technology from America.

The South-East Asian countries have taken a tough stand against China. ASEAN has said that China should follow the treaty in the South China Sea. The leaders of these countries have said that the rights in the South China Sea should be determined on the basis of the 1982 United Nations Maritime Law Treaty. It is worth mentioning that earlier, American leader Ted Yoho said that it is time for the world to come together and tell China that it is enough.

Ted Yoho said on Friday, 'action against India is part of a larger conspiracy by the Communist Party of China to create confusion about the Corona epidemic.' China's neighboring countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, have a tendency to cover up the Corona epidemic in large scale military provocations.

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