78-year-old Joe Biden will be sworn in as America's oldest President
78-year-old Joe Biden will be sworn in as America's oldest President

Washington: America's newly elected President Joe Biden has turned 78 today. After two months, he will take over the command of America at a time when he has the challenge to rein in a public health crisis, unemployment and racial injustice in the country. Biden will have to deal with these issues and show the people of the US that age is only a figure and he is fully capable of performing the responsibilities of the post.

Biden will be sworn in as the oldest President in the history of America. Before this, the oldest President was Ronald Reagan. When he left the presidency in 1989, he was 77 years old and 349 days old. Biden would be eager to assure that he had a passion for service. Rutgers University political expert Ross Baker said, "It is very important that he and his personnel put themselves in a position in the beginning in which they can show their strength." He has to assure the Americans that he is physically and mentally qualified for this post.

During the entire campaign of the presidential election, the 74-year-old Trump left no opportunity to argue that Biden lacked mental acumen to lead the country. Biden's supporters also worried that Trump was giving the wrong message to the people of the country regarding Biden.

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