American satellite reaches close to the sun
American satellite reaches close to the sun

The spacecraft 'Parker Solar Probe' of NASA, the space agency of the powerful country of America, has started revealing the secrets of the Sun. Parker has reached as close to the Sun as no man-made vehicle has reached. Now it has sent some such data from there, which has revealed many secrets of the Sun. It succeeded in finding out why the Sun's atmosphere 'corona' is hundreds of times warmer than its surface. Due to the running of the solar wind also it searched.

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According to media reports, Parker was launched in August 2018. Through this, NASA has planned to cross 24 such stages of the sun's atmosphere, where no vehicle has reached so far. Parker has crossed three of these stops so far. Such sophisticated equipment has been installed on the vehicle, which will study the environment around it. NASA said that with the help of this vehicle, information has been received about the nature of various substances and particles coming out of the Sun. This will help scientists understand the physics of the Sun.

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With the help of the data, it will be possible to estimate the atmosphere of the space around the Earth more accurately. With this, better measures can be taken to protect astronauts and vehicles. Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for Science at NASA, said that it is important to know the sun from a distance rather than from a distance. Zurbuchen said, "This data from Parker has provided new and surprising information about the sun and stars." He said that instead of observing the Sun, we can analyze important solar phenomena and find out how they affect the Earth. Apart from this, this data also gives us new information about active stars in galaxies. The lead author of this research and Professor of University of California, Stuart Bell said, 'By analyzing these data we can see the magnetic structure of the corona, which It tells us that solar winds are coming out of small coronal holes.

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