The brightest gamma ray ever seen in space
The brightest gamma ray ever seen in space

Washington: Recently, veteran researchers in Washington have seen the most powerful and luminous energy emission in space. It is one trillion more energetic than visible light. Actually, it is an electromagnetic phenomenon, known as gamma-ray burst (GRB). This study has been published in the journal Nature. In earlier studies, it was told that only when a star breaks or two dead stars meet, they emit high energy in the universe.

According to sources, GRB 190114C explosion was detected by researchers from George Washington University of America on 14 January. The same after which a collective effort was made to observe the radiation coming from the source using more than 20 observatories and equipment worldwide. A team of international scientists gathered information about this explosion. Researchers found that the explosion occurred especially in the dense atmosphere of the galaxy five billion light years away.

Star is going out at a speed of 40 lakh mph: According to the information received, let us tell you that a few days ago a unique phenomenon had come out in a universe full of mysteries. Astronomers had found a star that is coming out of our galaxy very fast, fearing a black hole. This star, called S5-HVS1, is going out of the center of our galaxy at a speed of 40 million mph. This star is about 29 thousand light years away from the Earth at this time.

Ten times brighter: Researchers say that according to astronomer Ting Li, this star is 10 times brighter than our Sun. This star is moving towards deep space at unexpected speed. Jana: It is believed that astronomers are keeping an eye on the stars with the help of Gaia Spacecraft of European Space Agency. He says that this star is escaping from a blackhole called Segatorius-A, its mass is 4 million times more than the Sun. With the help of this spacecraft, a road map of the position of 1.3 billion stars was prepared.

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