American officer planning to kill Qasim Sulemani dies in plane crash
American officer planning to kill Qasim Sulemani dies in plane crash

New Delhi: Iranian media has made a big claim on the plane crash on Monday in Ghazni province of Afghanistan. Iranian media has claimed that Michael D Andrea, a senior officer of the US intelligence agency who was planning to assassinate Iran's top commander Qasim Sulemani, died in a plane crash.

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Iranian media quoted a Russian source as saying that the chief of US intelligence in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan has been killed in a plane crash. However, the report said that no such clue has been found from which it could be found that the spy plane was shot down in an enemy attack. An investigation is on to find out the cause of the accident.

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The American Army has recovered the remains of two people from a military plane crash site in eastern Afghanistan. The US military mission in Afghanistan has said in a statement that the flight data recorder or 'black box' from the American aircraft was found at the accident site in Ghazni province. Officials said in their statement that after the recovery of dead bodies and black boxes, American forces destroyed the remains of the E-11-A electronics surveillance aircraft.

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