India to attend G7 summit, President Trump invites PM Modi

Jun 03 2020 09:03 AM
India to attend G7 summit, President Trump invites PM Modi

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi today held a telephonic discussion with US President Donald Trump and during this time President Trump invited PM Modi to participate in the next meeting of the G-7 group. The US President expressed his desire to expand the group by mentioning that the G-7 group was chaired by the US to include some other countries including India.

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In this context, President Trump invited Mr. Modi to participate in the forthcoming G-7 group meeting in America. PM Modi praised President Trump's creative and far-sighted thinking, believing that the expansion of the group is relevant given the world after the Corona epidemic. He said that India would be happy to work with the US and other countries for the success of the meeting.

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PM Modi expressed concern over the ongoing movement in America and wished for a speedy resolution of the situation. The two leaders exchanged views on issues such as the situation arising out of the Corona epidemic, the situation on the India-China border and the need to improve the World Health Organization. President Trump mentioned his last February visit to India. Prime Minister Modi said that this tour will be historical and memorable in many respects. This has added new dimensions to bilateral relations.

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