Chandrayaan-2: NASA also started contacting Vikram Lander, sent this message

Sep 12 2019 03:30 PM
Chandrayaan-2: NASA also started contacting Vikram Lander, sent this message

Washington: Efforts to contact Chandrayaan-2 Vikram Lander are at a distance just a few kilometres from the lunar surface. The Indian Space Research Center (ISRO) is making every effort to contact Vikram lying 'unconscious' on the lunar surface. On the other hand, the US space agency NASA has also sent 'Hello' message to contact Vikram. Please note that on September 7, Vikram  Lander fell on the lunar surface after a hard landing.

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NASA has sent a radio message from its Deep Space Network (DSN) to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to Vikram Lander. A NASA source has told the media that, "NASA is trying to contact the Vikram Lander via radio message after getting written consent from ISRO." However, as the days pass, the hopes of contacting the lander Vikram continue to weaken. According to ISRO's pre-launch estimates, Lander Vikram will get direct sunlight only for a lunar day. This means that the lander Vikram will get sunlight for only 14 days. In such a situation, ISRO can continue its efforts for these 14 days".

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If ISRO also gets the information that its communication equipment has been destroyed, it can end the attempt to contact even before 14 days. After 14 days there will be a long black night. Even if the lander had made a soft landing, it would have been difficult for the lander to survive this dark night. It has been 6 days since Vikram made a hard landing on the lunar surface. In such a situation, if ISRO is unable to contact it till September 20-21, then the attempt to contact it will be ended.

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