Amid Trafic Jam a Man save a dog's life, people say " Real Hero"....

Today we are going to share with you a very special news in which a villain acted like a hero, yes you will not be sure, but Jake Gyllenhaal, the villain of Spider-Man, gave a dog to New York City (New York) Rescued from traffic jam. He is being praised for this. In the film, he played the character of Villain Mysterio. He rescued a Dalmatian dog last week. A picture is going viral, in which he is standing with the Dalmatian dog and his owner. After the rescue, he handed over the Dalmatian to the owner. According to People magazine, Jack Tribeca entered into a traffic jam and saved the dog's life. He is getting much praise on social media. People are calling him a real hero.

If you pay attention to the whole story of this story, then something happened that 38-year-old Jack had gone for a morning walk, he saw that a dog is stuck in a traffic jam and is in danger. He immediately entered inside the jam and saved his life. He took the dog out of the jam and handed the belly dog to the owner.

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