Amit shah praises Delhi police work during lockdown
Amit shah praises Delhi police work during lockdown

New Delhi: There is a lockdown across the country. Due to Corona, all people are in their respective homes. In such a situation, the Delhi Police is constantly giving food to the people of the destitute and poor sections. According to Delhi Police, so far five million urban poor and homeless people have been given food. At the same time 145 tonnes of dry ration has been distributed among the needy people.

Now the Home Ministry is also praising this campaign being run by Delhi Police at the time of lockdown. Home Minister Amit Shah praised the work and encouraged the Delhi Police. Amit Shah tweeted that the Delhi Police is an organization that fully embodies its ideal 'Peace Service and Justice'. He said that we are very proud of this work. Together we will win this battle.

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kishan Reddy has also praised this work of Delhi Police. He also tweeted that the Delhi Police is setting the example of humanity on the biggest mission since its inception (1948). He further said that I appreciate the efforts of these Corona Warriors in delivering food packets and dry rations to needy families during this corona epidemic.

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