Assam is secure under BJP government: Amit Shah

Jan 24 2021 03:23 PM
Assam is secure under BJP government: Amit Shah

Guwahati: Home Minister Amit Shah has recently arrived in Kokrajhar, Assam. Here he participated in a programme related to the first accord of BTR. He then addressed a public meeting. In this address, he said, "I have addressed all the rallies in my life but my mind is getting immense peace while addressing this rally. At the same time, he told the people of Assam that "like the semifinals, the final match is also to be won." On the first anniversary of the BTR Accord, Amit Shah said, "All the rules of the Treaty will be followed. BJP to protect the language and culture of Assam." In addition, he also targeted the Congress here.

He said, "the Congress party, which could not bring peace, development during its tenure, is advising us today. It has been assam blood-stained for years, the Bodo region was blood-stained, what did you do? Whatever the BJP government did. In addition, Amit Shah also said, "If it is to create corruption free, infiltrator free, terrorism free and pollution-free Assam, the BJP led by Modiji can make it. Form the NDA government in Assam with absolute majority in the forthcoming elections and ensure the development of Bodo land. At the same time, Amit Shah paused his address.''

The Bodoland Territorial Region Accord was held on 27th January last year between the central government, the state Government of Assam and the Bodo stakeholders. In fact, in the past, BJP, UPP and GSP have set up the Bodoland Territorial Council.

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