Amitabh Bachchan feels embarrassed about rate of rape in India
Amitabh Bachchan feels embarrassed about rate of rape in India

Big B in an interview said, its embarrassing to hear that 'India is a land of rape' when travelling abroad. He wants India to become first world country instead of calling land of rape.

Amitabh at promotion of Pink in Delhi discussed about the aim of film,"The aim behind making Pink was to send its message as strongly as possible.I want people outside to recognise what is happening (in India)," He added, "It's very embarrassing when you visit a foreign country and you see people there talking to you and say, 'Oh you are from India, the land of rape'. It's very embarrassing. I want that to go."

The actor stated, "I hate it when I go abroad and people say,'You are from a third world country or you are from a developing country'. Why do they call us that? We all must work towards that and make it (India) a first world country and not a developing, but as a developed country,"

When megastar asked about gender equality, he answered, "when we were promoting the film, a lot of people were asking the story and concept of 'Pink'. We were getting a little hesitant as to what we should say.
"That's when Shoojit suggested me to write a summary of the film in a letter and send it to my granddaughters. It will be for all the girls".

During the shoot, sometimes we broken up into tear, Amitabh said,"All of us had been through that experience while we were making this film. I am not shy to admit that even at 74, there were scenes that moved me,"

"There were moments when we all broke down. I myself got moved by a particular scene in the film and left the set because I just feel embarrassed to be crying in front of a lady," he added.



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