Amitabh Bachchan says Abhishek Bachchan proved the ‘Naysayers Wrong’, recalled his achievement

Abhishek Bachchan needs no introduction. He is one of the renowned actors in Bollywood. He is the son of Big B of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan. However, Abhishek was trolled for being a star kid and being a flop actor but eventually, Abhishek was successful in making his mark despite all the negativity. He has celebrated his Birthday on 5th  Feb. Amitabh Bachchan took to social media to pens a heartfelt note on him. The veteran actor opens up about his achievement.

He took to social media and wrote, "And Abhishek for the 5th Feb 2023 .. and his 47th .. and how time has flown by .. going back in time all the memories of the day and the several days that kept giving us the joy and the pride and the pleasure of Abhishek .. and now to see him achieve his worth through his hard word, quietly, and proving all the naysayers wrong .. !"

He also wrote, "It is a delight for a Father for his Son but mostly for the Son who has through the dint of his hard word and perseverance shown the mettle of his calibre and his confidence .. That is the pride that one honours .. He took his own decisions .. he made his own choices .. defied the norm and proved it .... with his success..."

Amitabh further speaking about his achievement added, "Winning the Kabaddi Championship, by the select of his team, who everyone said was poor and weak and incapable .. but he inspired the boys and came out victorious .. despite all the bias reporting and negative opinions against him and the team .. By winning the Best Actor for ‘DASVI’ .. his choice of film story and crew .. and delivering a performance that got universal praise .. a complete transformation from all that he had ever done before .. flawless and complete.." 

He concluded, “And then to be the at the top of the MOFN .. the Mood Of The Nation list … that is a true reflection of his standing ..A pride of the family .. a pride for the Father .. Aaj ke din ki anek anek badhai (Many many congratulations on this day). So .. a few words to him in blessing--Family: Aaj ke din ki badhai (Wishes for today). Abhishek: Janm din ki badhai lo tum, sada raho prasanna; yeh din har din, viswa tumhara sada kare abhinandan. Sada kare abhinandan, tumko, aur raho tum swasth, pragati, khyati, tumhari kar de auro ko lathpath...auro ko lathpath ya dhwasth.”

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