Amitabh trolled even after donating, people says
Amitabh trolled even after donating, people says "This is Kalyug"

Many stars from Bollywood industry are coming forward to help people infected with Coronavirus. Till now many stars have donated not only lakhs but crores. Bollywood actors and actresses are constantly helping the country financially by donating to the PM Cares Relief Fund. Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan, Kapil Sharma etc. have appeared in this list of donators so far, but the highest fund has been given by Akshay Kumar.

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Akshay has donated a total of Rs 25 crore and due to this Amitabh got trolled. After being trolled, Amitabh Bachchan has tweeted, about which social media users have started trolling him continuously. In fact, according to social media users, Amitabh Bachchan has targeted Akshay Kumar for tweeting and informing about his donation, but it has not been completely clear that Amitabh has done this only for Akshay. He wrote"One gave and said, that he gave, the other gave and he said no, let it be in the second category, let me know that dear one, what did I know Who gave; Know his just Karun Krantan What else can be said in these conditions, those who know me, know me, I have always been complacent! (Kamsukhan: less speaking) Amitabh ''

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A social media users commented that, "In the time of Corona epidemic, there is a problem in your mind. It is not necessary to tell how much you donate, but who should have donated how much should not be said." Commenting on this user, 'Sir has given the donation and they are saying that I am among those who do not tell after giving that I have given!' Another user wrote that 'Amitabh sir..if you give it, then tell your loved ones too. If your crores of fans contribute 100 rupees then that amount will be 100 crores. This is Kalyuga. Not the golden age. A call of yours can do much good for the country. Otherwise, people will ask. Another user wrote, 'You have not given anything sir, how will you say? You would have given at least 551 rupees. When the country is in crisis. Tamil heroes are better than you."

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