Gabbar was a great tea enthusiast, used to drink 30 cups a day
Gabbar was a great tea enthusiast, used to drink 30 cups a day

Gabbar is a name that no one can forget nor the actor who plays the character. Yes, we are talking about Amjad Khan. Amjad was a famous Bollywood actor and won millions of hearts by becoming a Gabbar in his career. Amjad Khan was born on November 12, 1940, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Amjad's most hit film was Sholay and the success of the film was also significantly contributed to the success of the film by villain Amjad Khan i.e. Gabbar Singh. Very few people know that Amjad was the first Bollywood actor to be signed as a brand ambassador by a big company for playing a negative role.

Yes, Amjad became very famous after the release of Sholay in 1975 and was offered an advertisement for Glucose-D biscuits. According to some reports, he immediately agreed to the biscuit when he was offered an advertisement. Amjad's ad became very popular during that time. However, you will be surprised to know that it cost only Rs. 50,000 to shoot this ad. The ad shoot was also in Gabbar's look and that has made it a super hit. Amjad was an actor who was a great tea enthusiast and once something happened that surprised everyone.

In fact, once Amjad reached Prithvi theatre for rehearsals, he ordered tea before starting his work, but there was no milk for tea. Because of this, he could not work. The next day Amjad returned to the sets for rehearsals and took two buffaloes with him so that he would not have concern for tea. He used to drink 30 cups of tea a day. Amjad is no longer in this world but people have not forgotten Gabbar.

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