Amjad Khan aka Gabbar's life changed after an accident
Amjad Khan aka Gabbar's life changed after an accident

Amjad Khan, known as Gabbar in the Bollywood industry, has a birthday today. Today, even though Amjad is not in this world, people have not forgotten him. He has made a great place in the Bollywood industry and has also been an excellent actor. He has been very honest from negative to positive roles. With his acting, he has established a different identity from the industry to the hearts of the people. Today we are going to tell you something that your senses will fly after knowing about it. Once something happened to him which destroyed his lives.

The incident took place when Amjad Khan was working with Amitabh Bachchan in the film 'The Great Gambler'. During that, the film was to be shot in Goa and he left for Goa with his family. Amjad Khan's car had a terrible accident in which he was hurt. In that accident, Amjad Khan's 13 ribs were broken and the steering entered his lungs. Later, he remained in a wheelchair for quite a long time. Finally, he had to be operated, and in the meantime, Amitabh Bachchan helped Amjad and his family immensely.

Amjad's life was very bad after the accident. In view of this, his weight began to rise, although he was fully mindful of fitness, but still, his weight continued to grow. At one point of time, Amjad Khan's condition became so bad that he went into a coma. Then, on July 27, 1994, Amjad said goodbye to the world.

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