The life of Bollywood's 'Gabbar' was devastated by an accident, which was finally the case
The life of Bollywood's 'Gabbar' was devastated by an accident, which was finally the case

Bollywood actor Amjad Khan is today recognised by the character of Villen Gabbar Singh. Today is his death anniversary and the whole Bollywood remembers him even today. Let us know today about the bad times of their lives from where they left this world.

Amjad Khan faced every difficulty in his life, though one incident happened that devastated his life. The incident took place when Amjad Khan was working with Amitabh Bachchan in the film 'The Great Gambler' and the film was to be shot in Goa. For the same, Amjad Khan had left for Goa with his family, though on the way, there was a tragic accident in which Amjad Khan suffered a serious injury.

Amjad Khan's 13 ribs were reportedly broken in the accident, while the steering had entered his lungs and the accident caused Amjad Khan to be in a wheelchair for a long time and had to undergo surgery. Meanwhile, Amitabh Bachchan helped Amjad Khan and his family a lot. Since then, Amjad's bad spell had begun, and from here, Amjad Khan began to gain weight. In an interview to Filmfare, his wife also mentioned this. Says Shaila Khan, "Everything was stopped after the accident. Amjad's weight had begun to increase rapidly due to medication and non-functioning. She says Amjad loved sweets, was fond of tea, though her weight had increased due to medications and the weight gain made Amjad Khan's condition so bad that he had gone into a coma. But they came out of it after some time. However, the night of July 27 in 1992 proved to be a nightmare for Amjad Khan and his entire family. On this day they were saying goodbye to the world.

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