Amla is a boon for hair, skin and health, Learn Benefits
Amla is a boon for hair, skin and health, Learn Benefits

Amla is considered to be similar to nectar for the body. It has many benefits. If you eat it every day, you get many benefits. Amla is rich in vitamin C. Amla is beneficial in increasing the immunity of the body. The main feature of amla is that vitamin C is never destroyed. Succinic acid present in amla is capable of preventing old age. Today we're going to tell you some of the best benefits of this.

* Amla lowers cholesterol and prevents deposition in arteries. Persistent intake of amla in any form keeps the heart disease away.

* Amla marmalade stops hearse on regular eating. Three teaspoons of amla juice mixed and drinking daily stops hearse. Also, soak the dried amla in water, washing the head with this water stops hearse.

* Eating an empty stomach in the morning with two spoons, a luminous powder, a spoon desi ghee and a spoon mix, a headache in a few days.

Amla reduces sodium in the body. Hence, its use reduces increased blood pressure.

* Amla food makes urine open, which helps to cleanse the body's alien matter, toxin, uric acid, etc. Add two teaspoons of honey and a little turmeric to four spoons of amla and take it in the morning to stop the pus in the urine.

* Amla works as a blessing for hairs. Amla food in any form is beneficial for hair. Amla oil should be applied to the hair. It makes the hair thick, dark, dense.

* Amla powder and black salt mixed in equal quantities to prevent diarrhea by taking water together. 

* Eating amla-empty belly amla marmalade every day intensifies memory. It can be taken at any age and proves to be effective.

* Sucking amla powder with mischief three to four times a day cures cough. Taking amla powder with a teaspoon of water in the morning can help relax in every type of cough.

* Add four teaspoons of amla powder in half a cup of water and soak it at night. Drain in the morning and add four pinches of turmeric powder and drink it. This corrects the dream defect.

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