Dumbbell Workout for Tight & Toned Arms

Aug 16 2019 02:56 PM
Dumbbell Workout for Tight & Toned Arms

Like Bollywood celebs, everyone wants to make their body healthy and fit. If you also want to create a star-like body, you'll need to follow some tips. These exercises will have a very good effect on the upper part of your hands! This small but intense workout program will tone your arm muscles. This will make your arms fit. All you'll need is a dumbbell set and a little space for workouts. So take a dumbbell of 1.5 to 2 kg and start preparing your arms to shape. Create your arms with these 2 easy measures to make slim and sexy.

This exercise is very easy, the right way to do this is:

Sit directly on a bench. Set up a dumbbell and place them at a distance of one hand like the head so that your palms are in front of each other.

Gradually bring down the dumbbells. Keep your wrists parallel to the ground. Keep in mind that do not rotate the upper parts of your wrists by bringing down the dumbbells.

Pause for a second and then move to the old position by pulling your arms straight.

Repeat this exercise 10 times in a 2-3 set. As well as try pushups for toned and sexy arms.

With this exercise, wear your arms with a toning and complete configuration of the sleeveless dresses you've always wanted to wear.

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