Saif felt love for Amrita after a kiss, gives amount demanded during divorce in installment
Saif felt love for Amrita after a kiss, gives amount demanded during divorce in installment

Amrita Singh, who was once the heart of millions of hearts due to her strong acting in Bollywood, is celebrating her 62nd birthday today. She has been a great actress but now she does not appear in films. She is now away from films. Amrita married Saif Ali Khan, who is called the Nawab of Bollywood, but the two separated in the year 2004. Both had been in a lot of discussions.In an interview after the divorce, Saif said, "Amrita had asked me to give 5 crore rupees, but at that time my situation was not such that I could pay the full amount." Saif and Amrita Singh first met in the year 1992 and at that time Amrita had made her mark in Bollywood but Saif was engaged in making her own identity.

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Saif was about to debut in the film 'Bekhudi'. 'Bekudi' was directing the film Rahul Rawail and he was a close friend of Amrita Singh. He wanted Amrita to have a photoshoot with the star cast of 'Bekhudi' and Saif was making his film debut with 'Bekhudi'. While Amrita and Saif met for the first time during the photo shoot. Saif was trying to put a hand on Amrita's shoulder and she noticed it while doing so. During the time both were attracted towards each other at first sight. After this photoshoot, Saif was mad to meet Amrita again and he even called Amrita Singh.

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Saif asked Amrita to have dinner with him and Amrita was shocked. She refused Saif to go out but asked him to have dinner together at home. After that, at Amrita's behest, Saif went to her house for dinner and at the time when Saif came to Amrita's house, she did not do any make-up at all. Saif was attracted to Amrita without even seeing her makeup, but Saif also felt that 'Amrita neither made up nor got ready when I came home'. Saif looked a little upset that then Amrita told Saif that if he is thinking that something will happen between us, it is not like that at all. So stay relaxed. ' Later, they both kissed each other and after this, they both understood that both are in love. At that time, Amrita was 13 years older than Saif but both got married.

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It is said that during the foreign trip, Italian model Roja came to Saif's life and due to this Amrita divorced him. After the divorce, Saif had told in an interview, "Amrita demanded Rs 5 crore from me in return for the divorce. He gave Rs 2.5 crore to Amrita and said the remaining amount I will give to Amrita in small installments. In addition, I will keep giving Amrita Rs 1 lakh every month till my son Ibrahim turns 18. " Today, both Saif's children have grown up and both live with their mother. Saif is the husband of Kareena Kapoor and they have a son named Taimur.

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