An easy and effective way to burn up to 100 calories without exercising

May 11 2019 07:35 PM
An easy and effective way to burn  up to 100 calories without exercising

You don’t have to go to the gym every day to burn calories. In fact, everything you do – even the simplest ones – can help you get rid of calories. What’s even better is that you can burn 100 calories without too much effort. Here are easy and painless methods on how you can shed 100 calories every day:



Stay Upright When Idle.

If you are waiting for a report or something else right at your workstation, you probably prefer to sit down. It’s time to change that habit by standing up and start burning more calories. While sitting does burn a few, you eliminate 33% more calories when you are upright.

Don’t Sit Still.

If you normally shake your legs, tap your arm, or do other fidgety movements, you are actually burning more calories than you think. Take this into consideration: a 150-pound woman can actually burn 34 calories while sitting quietly and watching TV for 30 minutes. If you perform light movements while watching TV, you can actually burn 60 calories in the same amount of time.

Walk after Breakfast.

After you finish your coffee, go for a walk as this can boost your metabolism. Moderately pace the neighborhood for at least 20 minutes and you can burn 100 calories.


Fix Your Car Problems.

Instead of calling a mechanic to do the repair for you, you should just do the inspection yourself. Doing this for 30 minutes can burn 102 calories and what’s even better is that you saved some money.

Iron Your Clothes.

You may need a shirt for an outing your friends and you notice it’s wrinkly. Spend 38 minutes ironing your clothes and you help flatten your belly by burning 100 calories.

Go Bowling.

An half an hour game can easily remove 102 calories from your body. What’s more, you get to show your pals your competitive streak.

Play a Game of Billiards.

If it’s date night, there are other things to do rather than sit at a movie theater and watch a movie. Play a game of pool with your sweetheart and you could leave the local bar 99 calories short.

Play Table Tennis.

If it’s raining outside and you’re out of ideas to burn calories, play ping pong instead. This simple sport can easily eliminate 113 calories if you keep playing for 25 minutes. The good news is you don’t have to let your opponent win to recognize the benefits.

Do Some Jumping Rope.

Here is another way to burn more calories indoors. This favorite childhood game is now a part of a cardio workout, so start jumping rope for at least 10 minutes and you will shed 113 calories.

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Go Swimming.

During the summer season, swimming is a good way to have fun. It is also a great technique if you want to burn calories. As much as 113 calories are melted off when you swim for 20 minutes. There are also other choices, such as snorkeling where you also get to enjoy a wonderful view underwater.

Go Fishing.

While out near the waters, you may want to stand and have a pole in your hand for 25 minutes. Although this may be a little boring for you, you actually burn 99 calories for this simple activity alone.

Ride the Bicycle.

If water activities are not for you, you can just grab your bike and ride around the neighborhood. For 15 minutes, moderately paced pedaling can help you get rid of at least 102 calories.

Get Enough Sleep.

You may think you are not burning calories when you are sleeping, but it actually sheds more calories than you think. It is important that you get adequate sleep at night to not only be healthy, but also be sexy. According to experts, your obesity risk increases to 23% if you only have six hours of sleep. If you sleep for only five hours, this rises to 50% and 70% if you sleep four hours a night.

Relax and Meditate.

Aside from sleeping, you can burn more calories through meditation. You don’t even have to move as a short meditation can burn calories. Plus, this also reduces stress and decreases your cortisol levels. You don’t even have to meditate for a long time. Eight counts of inhaling and exhaling are already enough to kill unwanted calories.

Prepare Your Meals.

Not only do you know where your food comes from, but you also benefit from the fact that this activity burns calories. Chop, sauté, and prepare your food for at least 45 minutes and aside from having a good meal, you also burn 102 calories. You could even burn more if you go to the farmer’s market to buy the ingredients.

Eat Something Spicy.

Eat some hot peppers and you will feel sweat on your nose, signaling that your body’s temperature has risen. This is also a sign that your body is burning calories. You don’t have to bite into hot peppers all the time; one half teaspoon of cayenne pepper can rev up your metabolism and burn calories effectively.

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