'A small leader is insulting PM on foreign soil', Anil Vij's anger erupted on Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has gone to America for 6 days. There he discussed with the Indians on Wednesday morning. Due to this, he attacked the Modi government fiercely. Not only this, he also said that Modi can also tell God what to do. The BJP has now retaliated on this. "Rahul Gandhi cannot get away with his actions. He does not leave any opportunity to insult India. In every foreign trip, he repeats his mistakes."

Significantly, Rahul Gandhi addressed Indians at an event in Santa Clara, California on Wednesday morning. Due to this, he also answered the questions asked by the people.  Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij said that leaders of countries across the world do not get tired of praising our PM Narendra Modi and a small leader of our country Rahul Gandhi goes abroad and insults PM Narendra Modi. Such a leader should be boycotted by every Indian.

Pralhad Joshi also attacked Rahul Gandhi and said that he is not Rahul Gandhi, he is a 'fake Gandhi'. "How ridiculous it is that a person does not know anything but suddenly becomes an expert on everything. A person whose history knowledge does not go beyond his family is talking about history. Joshi said the man who claims to produce gold from potatoes is lecturing on science and a person who never went beyond family matters now wants to lead India's war. But 'Fake Gandhi' will not be able to do this, he said. The core of India is its culture.

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