An interesting story of Karunanidhiirst and his mentor Annadurai

Aug 08 2018 02:54 PM
An interesting story of Karunanidhiirst and his mentor Annadurai

M. Karunanidhi is no more between us and the evening of August 7 (2018) proved to be the last evening of his life. He was 94 years old. He was ill for a long time and had been admitted to Kaveri Hospital in Chennai for several days. When Karunanidhi was aged 14, he was interested in politics. By the age of 20, his interest had increased greatly. His political flight was very far from the contact of Annadurai. But the first encounter with them is very interesting. This happened in 1942 when Annadurai started a magazine named Dravid Nadu.

Karunanidhi was desperate to write for this magazine. He did not know the place from where the magazine was published, but Karunanidhi had written his article "Dravid Nadu, Kanchipuram "and sent it to Annadurai. Miraculously his article has published the title of 'Elam Bali' (sacrifice of youth) in the next week. The excitement of Karunanidhi was on the seventh heaven. He wrote that by then only four to five people used to read his articles and hundreds and thousands of people would have read it when it was publiushed.

Two weeks later, Annadurai reached a program organized in Thiruburur. Anna asked, "Who is Karunanidhi in the town? Please bring him, I want to meet him. " Then Karunanidhi reached to meet Annadurai. When Anna saw them, he was stunned. He asked if he studied, Karunanidhi responded in a shaky voice and replied with a Yes. Anna replied that he wants him to send the articles daily so that he can publish them.

However, in later years, they became even closer. Panagal was one of the founders of the Arasarkar Justice Party, who was seen as the pioneer of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). When he participated in the discussion on the movement and his ideology, he became known as a fierce speaker. In 1930, Annadurai formed a self-respecting young body in the college. He was interested in politics.

The Justice Party had lost the election at that time. Becoming the first Congress government in Madras, defeating the Swaraj Party. He became chief minister and law came into effect which supported Dravid Movement. Karunanidhi also participated in the movement. From there the foundation of his political journey had also been established.

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