MBA student became victim of gang rape, investigation underway

Feb 15 2020 01:20 PM
MBA student became victim of gang rape, investigation underway

Recently a new case of crime has come out from Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here the gang-rape has been done after kidnapping an MBA student. The father of the student has filed a case against four people. According to reports, the police have started cheating the accused after beating the student and the matter is being reported last Thursday. According to the information received, Ravana had gone to the house from Meerut last Thursday evening, in the meantime, something happened that the girl did not reach her house.

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When she did not come home, the people of the house tried to contact the student, but the phone call of the student could not be found. At that time, the student's mobile phone was switch off, which worried the family and went to the police station. A police complaint was lodged there. In this case, after lodging a complaint by family members, the police has started searching for the student. On the basis of the location of the mobile of the girl, the police recovered her from the hospital of Bulandshahr in an injured state and the police has admitted the student to Meerut Hospital for treatment.

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According to reports, in this case, the police said, "a complaint was filed on behalf of the girl's family members. On the basis of the call detail, the student has been recovered from Chandpur in Saina police station area." Further, the police said, "On the basis of the complaint lodged by the family, the whole matter is being investigated and soon the accused will be taken into custody."

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