Thief robs jewelry worth 2.67 crores due to hobby, Know complete matter

Feb 15 2020 09:49 AM
Thief robs jewelry worth 2.67 crores due to hobby, Know complete matter

Bhilai: The police have arrested a vicious thief on Friday in the case of theft of 2.67 crores in Parikh Jewelers located in the Akashganaga area. The accused had carried out the crime only due to the hobby of theft in high buildings. Police has recovered all the jewelry and cash from the accused.

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According to the information, the police arrested Lokesh Shriwas, a resident of Kawardha, in the theft case in Parikh Jewelers. The accused says that he is fond of stealing in large buildings. Police recovered 5.558 kg of stolen jewelry and cash from his Kawardha home. The special thing is that Lokesh was successful in the incident even in the showroom between about 100 CCTV cameras and surveillance of 10 guards. The CCTV DVR was stolen after cutting off the safe grill after shutting down the machine.

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Earlier, the accused Lokesh had stolen lakhs of rupees from the showroom of Bajaj bike by burglarizing in front of three Darshan temple under the cantonment area. In this case, the Durg police also arrested him. Accused Lokesh is a vicious thief in police records. When he has not yet spent any money stolen from Parikh Jewelers. The police has achieved success in this matter.

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