Meerut: 10 people including the groom shot dead

Feb 14 2020 03:20 PM
Meerut: 10 people including the groom shot dead

Recently, the case of crime has come up in Khedi village of Meerut where 10 people including the groom have been shot during the Harsh firing. After this case, there was heavy fighting between the Baratis and the Gharatis and the groom's side has filed a case against the accused on Thursday. In this case, the police say that in Khedi village, late-night Shubham's resident of Bhakipuria village of Bahusuma came.

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It is now alleged that during the procession, his uncle Naresh and Yashpal from the bride side were firing Harsha with a licensed gun. In this case, at the same time, the bridegroom sitting on the horse and dancing were shot. The groom and the bratis were agitated and all were admitted to the private hospital with the help of the villagers. According to reports, after this incident, there was outrage among the Baratis and their bride was fiercely beaten by the people of the party.

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Police also reached the spot on the information in this matter, but before that the dignitaries of the village understood and calmed both sides. At the same time, the condition of all the injured is stated to be normal and the groom's brother Nishant has named the two accused as Tahrir, on which the police have registered a case. The police station in this regard said that strict action will be taken against those found guilty during the investigation.

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