Call money gang harrased a old woman, dies on Monday night

Jan 20 2021 12:58 PM
Call money gang harrased a old woman, dies on Monday night

On Monday night, an elderly woman named Bandi Chinanukamma, who worked as a sanitary worker in Vijayawada Municipal Ity, died on Monday night due to the harassment of the call money gang. The film is about to be a Chinnukamma's husband Nagaraju of Vinchipeta worked in RTC. He borrowed some money from call money merchant Rampilla Paparao. He died in 2017 Chinanukamma wrote a promissory note to the call money merchant that she would pay her husband's debt. After that, the loan amount was paid along with interest.  However, the call money dealer did not return the promissory notes to her. Meanwhile.. Last year, On June 30, Chinanukamma retired.

Retirement benefits, while she is waiting for pension Call money merchant Rampilla Paparao gang's Palatoti Mariyaraju (Mangalagiri) and Jadoo Nageswari (Gunadala) sent legal notices to Chinanukamma to pay Rs 14 lakh.  Her bank account was freezed in August last year without even taking her retirement benefits and pension. Since then, chinanukamma has been in bed with pain and has been unable to get proper treatment and on Monday he joined the government hospital The same night he died. Chinnukamma's son Vaddadi Bona said He complained that his mother had died in bed because of the call money gang abuse.

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