Anamika Shrivastva's new release is loved by Shiva devotees
Anamika Shrivastva's new release is loved by Shiva devotees

Soulful songs are the stress busters of our lives. With our busy lives, we don't get time to relax and rejuvenate. Music is one of those that lighten-up our moods and also distracts us from the normal routine. 

The music industry has grown by a big leap. It initially started with melodious singing to praise Mother Nature. Further, it deviated and became a source to share our emotions and rejoice in good times. Compositions started flourishing and we all started enjoying it and it became an inseparable part of our lives.

Every song and composition has its own charm. Devotional songs are still considered soulful and help to calm down. It creates a beautiful link with God. It also enlightens us.

Not many singers devote their talent to devotional singing. Most of them are attracted by the perks of commercial singing. 

Only a few singers have devoted their lives to the devotional genre. Anamika Shrivastava is one of those talented singers who believe in miracles of life and dedicates her talent to the hands of God. "I feel complete, it is not just singing for me, it is more than that. It is like sharing my connection with God and creation. I can't explain, I feel all satisfied." she said.

Recently, she has launched a new beautiful song on the occasion of Shivratri. In this song, she expressed her joy on the occasion. Lord Shiva is known as the nurturer of our universe. It is believed he is the one who has saved this world from all the calamities. It is said that he is the life and soul in us. 

The song is about a beautiful relationship shared by lord Shiva and Mata Gauri. It is an amazing composition that rejoices the happy times of Shivratri. 

We wish Anamika all the best!

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