Ancient Knife Therapy Massage is popular in Taiwan
Ancient Knife Therapy Massage is popular in Taiwan

The knife is always used for cutting meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. But have you ever heard that a knife can be used for massage? It may sound a little strange, but it is absolutely true. People are massaged with daggers in massage parlours in the East Asian country of Taiwan. It is called 'Dauliao', which means in Chinese language, 'Chuare se massage' or 'Knife therapy'. It is a trend in Chinese medical science. This massage with the knife is about 2000 years old. It was started by Buddhist monks.

About a thousand years ago, this therapy flourished in Japan during the Tang dynasty. During the Chinese Civil War in the 1940s, this tradition of massage with the knife reached Taiwan. Although today the practice of this therapy is almost over in China and Japan, it is still very popular in Taiwan. An education centre has also been opened in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, to teach this therapy. The name of this centre is 'The Ancient Art of Knife Massage-Jing Educational Center'. The education centre has about 36 branches throughout Taiwan. Of these, 15 have been opened in the last five years. People of the whole world are taught the art of massage with the knife. People from France, Canada, Hong Kong and Japan come to Taiwan to learn this therapy. It is also said that there are many benefits of massage with a knife.

Just like today, people are using these Massage Knife to heal wounds, improve sleep and also to cure chronic body pain. Just as acupressure therapy is done, the pressure point is targeted in knife therapy. These are called QI-Doors. Hsiao Mei-Fang, director of one such massage centre in Taiwan, says that she has entered the world of Knife Massage 15 years ago. Earlier she used to do beauty treatment and massages. Meridian massage is also a massage practised in traditional China. Mei-Fang says that she used to get very tired after massaging people throughout the day. The negative energy emitted during the massage used to have a bad effect on her, but since she started Knife therapy, she gets relaxed.

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