Wife used to post videos on TikTok, angry husband murdered her

Nov 28 2019 08:40 PM
Wife used to post videos on TikTok, angry husband murdered her

Vijayawada: The prevailing cases of crime remain a cause of surprise for all. In such a situation, the case which has come up recently is from Andhra Pradesh, where a person murdered his wife only because his wife had posted the video on Tiktok despite his refusal. However, the police have arrested the accused in this case. Police say that Siddala Chinna Nasaraiya, a resident of Potluru village of Savalyapuram block in Guntur district, murdered his wife Gorapathi Suvartha (19) first by strangulation and later burnt her body in the crematorium.

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After that, the investigation started and after the police investigation that lasted for 10 days, the matter was completely exposed. In this case, the police said, "The couple was working as a salesperson in a private company and they have married five years ago, while they also have a two-year-old daughter." She was used to making, but her husband was angry with her. He used to doubt that too. Suvartha had recently left home and after leaving the daughter to her parents, she was staying in a hostel in Sateenapalli town of Guntur district.

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She reportedly continued to post the video on Ticketcock, which caused her husband to get angry and persuaded his wife to return home on 14 November. Three days later, he, along with his younger brother, killed his wife. The police have also arrested him and his younger brother.

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