Andhra villagers again laid stones and flags towards Odisha

Nov 22 2020 12:44 PM
Andhra villagers again laid stones and flags towards Odisha

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh): The villagers of Andhra Pradesh placed white stones and flags on the border near Sunbeda village in Potangi block in Koraput district. RDC, Southern Division T Apang AO visited the disputed site on Saturday and confirmed the Odisha settlement map. Ao discussed with revenue officials.

RDF officials have been ordered to conduct joint certification in Visakhapatnam with their colleagues. The villagers of Andhra Pradesh once again took the matter into their hands as it was decided that the dispute would be resolved at a meeting between Koraput and Visakhapatnam collectors.

The border tension was created when the villagers of Decapar, Badlamba, Basigunta and Kolapur in the Dumapuriguda mandal of Andhra Pradesh put a white stone on the Odisha border on Friday. Sources said that villagers from odisha origin had kept their own marks at a distance of 500 metres. Sunbeda residents attracted the attention of the Koraput administration towards the case.

Three teams of Koraput officials visited the site, and their colleagues from Visakhapatnam visited the place only once since it was started a week ago. When Odisha officials attached to the border resolution map prepared in 1962, Andhra Pradesh would prefer the google map of the region, sources said.

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