Mother-in-law reaches police station with daughter-in-law's severed neck, stirs at Police station

A shocking case has been reported from the Annammayya district of Andhra Pradesh. In fact, in the Ramapuram area of Raichoti town here, a woman named Subbamma beheaded her sister's daughter-in-law Vasundhara (35) and hanged her head in her hand and surrendered herself with a knife to the police at the police station. In this case, the police say that Vasundhara's husband Raja, who lives in the Ramapuram area, died in an accident ten years ago, and since then Vasundhara was living with her two children with her younger mother-in-law i.e. husband's aunt.

At the same time, the police say that Vasundhara saw a change in the last few days, she was having an illicit relationship with a man named Mallikarjun, due to which there was often argument and quarrel between the younger mother-in-law and her. Due to this, the tension between the two started increasing. Police say, there was a lot of fight between the two this morning, daughter-in-law Vasundhara had threatened to kill the younger mother-in-law, then the younger mother-in-law feared that if the daughter-in-law along with her lover would kill her and take control of the property, then there would be nothing left for the granddaughters.

Then, the mother-in-law, along with her brother's son Chandrababu, brutally murdered Vasundhara and severed her head with a knife, the police officer said. After that, walking, hanging her head in her hand, walked down the road among the people and reached the police station and surrendered herself with a knife to the police. At present, the police arrested the woman and kept the head in a plastic bag. Now the police have started investigating the case.

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