Another great news, now you can also withdraw money through UPI

As of now, you will be using a debit card or OTP based option (latest feature) to withdraw cash from atMS. But did you know that now with the help of UPI apps  like PhonePe, Paytm and GooglePay, you will also be able to withdraw cash from ATMs? This feature was announced some time ago. Now ncr corporation is also upgrading all the ATMs. After the machine is upgraded, you can make interoperable cardless cash withdrawal (ICCW) through the ATM app. 

Keep these things in mind:- There are a few things you need to know before using this feature. This feature is also being provided because the facility of withdrawing cash without debit and credit cards is also being provided, in such a way, this feature must be enabled in the ATM machine as well. Your number must be registered with the bank and you must have some UPI app on your phone.

Here's the way:- Now we are going to tell you the process, with the help of which you will be able to withdraw money only with the help of the UPI app without the help  of the UPI card. First of all, you have to download one of the UPI apps in your smartphone from GooglePe, PhonePe, Paytm, WhatsApp Pay and Amazon Pay. Now you have to go to the ATM machine and click on the vidro cache. Now you will also get the option of UPI in front of you. On clicking on it, the QR code will appear on the ATM screen. Now open any one of the UPI apps in your phone and scan the QR code. After which, type the amount in the ATM machine that you want to remove. Keep in mind here that you cannot withdraw more than 5,000 rupees under this feature right now. After entering the amount, click Processed. Now you will be asked the PIN, put your UPI PIN here. After this, the cash will be removed from the ATM. 

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