Another software after Pegasus, which does phone spying for the government
Another software after Pegasus, which does phone spying for the government

New Delhi: The topic of phone surveillance is once again in the headlines. Right now there is an uproar over the spy software Pegasus created by the Israeli company NSO Group. However, according to a new report, the spyware of another Israeli company is doing a similar job. The report named the spyware as QuaDream, which could hack iPhones. This surveillance tool is not very popular, but it also uses the technology of NSO Group to hack iPhones. However, it hasn't come up with much discussion yet. 

News agency Reuters has reported about tel Aviv-based QuaDream. His report states that it is a very low-profile spyware. The Israeli company, which deals with governments around the world, also gives  them smartphone hacking tools, which was created by two ex-NSO employees. For this reason, it is not difficult to understand why its technology is like nso group. These technologies are sold to other countries to spy through phones. 

As soon as NSO, QuaDream also allows clients to access it by picking up the iPhone's software flaw. According to the report, QuaDream works on zero-click "exploit". This does not require the user to click on any link and this spyware is installed.  The firm has called this experiment REIGN and is similar to the FORCEDENTRY of the NSO Group. According to the researcher, it is known as the most dangerous technological advance cyberexploire in the whole world. The report also states that REIGN can also read instant messages from WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal regarding the control of the smartphone, as well as hack emails, photos, texts and contacts. However, the report did not say that it works for India. According to the report, the software works for Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Indonesia and Singapore. 

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