Anupam Kher shocked to see the world's most unique hairstyle in Los Angeles, then took this step
Anupam Kher shocked to see the world's most unique hairstyle in Los Angeles, then took this step

The country's favourite and veteran actor Anupam Kher leaves no stone unturned to captivate the fans and people with his activism. Whether it is a quartet or any serious matter, Anupam is always said to be one of the famous actors standing at the forefront of this line. On social media too, he is seen wooing the fans through his interesting posts, motivational quotes and funny videos.

Anupam, who recently arrived in Los Angeles, has shared a very unique video on his micro-blogging platform of the country, the KOO app, which is based on a hairstyle that the idea of setting up may never come to anyone's mind. They post saying: Encounter in LA: I met @CocktailsByHawk (Saeed) in a supermarket! He is an extremely kind and helpful human being, who gave me the opportunity to talk to them about their unique hairstyle. At first, I thought it was a wig. But then he confirmed that these were his own hair. Awesome guys! Really 'anything can happen!'

In the video, Anupam Kher is seen talking to this unique hairstyle named Saeed, who is very supportive of Anupam and is answering the questions asked by him with great interest. Anupam is speaking during this time that Saeed is from Iran. His hairstyle is something I couldn't even think of in my wildest dreams. It has taken Saeed not one or two to set this hairstyle, but 12 years. And not only that, it takes them 45 minutes to set it up every day. Anupam has also said that as if I don't have a single hair on my head and even on the video maker's head, I hope I can have such a hairstyle one day or the other.

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