New twist to come in show 'Anupama', Vanraj decides to leave house

Twist is coming on in TV's very best show 'Anupama' these days. The show is also at the forefront of the TRP race due to its twist. These days you will be seeing in the show that Rakhi brought the affair of Vanraj and Kavya in front of the entire Shah family. Everyone is broken after this truth is revealed. Babuji tells Vanraj to leave the house and this makes Baa angry. In the upcoming episode, Anupama will come out and say, 'If I leave the house there is peace, then I should not stay here.'

After that Babuji asks Samar to bring papers of the house. Babuji says to Vanraj, "You are proud of this house, don't you?" After that, they will tear the paper and throw it away. After that, they say that this entire house belongs to Anupama and whatever decision she can take will be acceptable. This house belongs to Anupama, now she will decide whether you want to stay in the house or not. Hearing this, Vanraj decides to leave the house. Vanraj then explains to his mother why he went to Kavya. He says that my affair is just because of Anupama. During this time, Baa says that if you felt emptiness then you would talk to me.

On the other hand, Kavya calls Vanraj, but he does not pick up the phone. During this time, Kavya thinks that the words of Anirudh may not come true. After that, Baa explains very much to Vanraj that he should not leave the house. During this time, Baa is very appreciative of Anupama. On the other hand, Anupama tells Babuji that somehow he should stop Vanraj from leaving home. Here Baa tells Vanraj that you swear to me, you will not have any relation with Kavya. Baa then goes to Anupama and meets her in the kitchen and says that she should forgive Vanraj. She then says that it needs a big heart to forgive Vanraj and you have that heart. She says that everything depends on you now. Hearing this, Anupama says, he has cheated me, I cannot do that.

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