This director rage on PM Modi, says, 'The end is certain'

Apr 07 2020 11:00 AM
This director rage on PM Modi, says, 'The end is certain'

At this time India is fighting the war with Coronavirus, all are imprisoned in their homes. After the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a unique view has been seen on Sunday night at 9 pm. After the appeal of the PM at 9 pm on April 5, people had switched off the lights of their houses and people lit lamps, mobile torches etc. outside the house and on the balcony and roofs. Many Bollywood stars have joined this campaign, but in the meantime, people started burning firecrackers in many places.

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Many stars have objected to this and now Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap has tweeted a message for PM Modi's message, which is attracting everyone's attention right now. The PM had said in his video message that, "This time, to show the solidarity of the whole country, on April 5, at 9 pm, light should be spread. On April 5, all the people of the country will turn off the lights of their houses, and will light a lamp, candle or mobile flashlight by coming to the window or door of their house.

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Recently Anurag Kashyap has tweeted, "To save the country from coronavirus, it is most important that our doctors and nurses and all the health workers remain healthy and safe. Nothing happened to them, either play the plate or burn it, Or whatever the next program is, the end is certain. "Well, if you remember, Anurag disappeared from social media some time ago, but once the country citing the circumstances, They tend to return to Twitter. Regained their return as well as he glanced his side are on political and social issues.

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