“Anyone can trade with TRADR”, says Abhishek Mahankal, the man behind impacting lives through stock market.
“Anyone can trade with TRADR”, says Abhishek Mahankal, the man behind impacting lives through stock market.

A man with a vision to motivate and inspire Millions positively through Social Media. Everything looks fascinating, from the extravagant travel stories to luxurious brands, Social Media has become the land of dreams but it is, most of the time, all smoke and mirrors.Abhishek has always been a mathematic scholar, soon after dropping out of engineering from a prestigious college, he started indulging in the stock market.

At the mere age of 17, he got technical and had a good eye for trading. After facing a lot of rejections and downfalls, he partnered with Yash Jaiswal and started TRADR - a stock market education app where you get the best signals with risk management and weekly transparent results. They have a team of dedicated traders who work tirelessly.It’s also an educational platform for young traders to learn and understand the Indian stock market.He is now successfully managing 3 brokerage firms and has gained a substantial number of trusting subscribers through social media, he aims to educate and aware millennials to invest and manage their money wisely.

He faced failure multiple times and lost a lot of money and time. He studied and worked out all possible ways to expand my knowledge and get a grip in the money world. Long story short, He made it. All the Dedication, Patience, Efforts, Learning, Sleepless Nights, Accompanied by Anxiety and topped with Curiosity, a desire an hunger to make it big - all of it paid off. He got over it, he worked for days and nights, knocked on various doors and here he is living the start of his dream.Now, TRDAR, under the leadership of Abhishek Mahankal, is encouraging financial freedom by providing Personal Mentorship to students of almost all age groups in gaining knowledge of the stock market and trading.

He has launched one of its kind "A Stock Trading Floor" which has all the emotions and feelings of the fast action paced trading as shown in the movies and series. TRADR mentorship program is the only one in the county and exclusively in the industry to provide Accommodation and Food to all the Mentorship Students.But, TRADR is nothing like others, in an exclusive conversation with Abhishek, he told "I strongly believe that actions and results speak louder, and hence I stand strong on providing free value to each and everyone, and so does TRADR", as he was mentioning that TRADR adds 7 Days Free Subscription to every member who joins the app.

"I get very pumped and happy when I receive messages on insta saying that they took my free trade and made good profits. All praise is what I reply", he added further while discussing his huge following on Instagram page @abhishekmahankal.

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