Apple Smudge free Kajal on your beautiful eyes by these ways

If women are asked about one makeup product they use the most, kajal (kohl) is the most common answer that we get to hear. After all, ‘eyes speak louder than words’, and hence, they should always be accentuated! While kajal is used by almost every woman on everyday basis, many of them also face the problem of applying a clean smudge-free line of it. And to help them out, here are a few tips on how to apply smudge-free kajal, perfectly.

Use it right! While using a kajal pencil, always start from the outer corner working inwards. Make sure to take short strokes and do not shy away from pressing the pencil on the waterline. You are not going to hurt yourself while doing this. Kajal pencils are made keeping in mind the area that they need to be used on, hence they are soft and creamy.

Pick the right kajal In case you feel that your eyes are too watery, and the regular kajal pencils do not stay on your eyes, then use a gel liner with a brush. Try this a couple of times, but if you feel that your eyes are getting red or teary, immediately stop using a liner and switch back to kajal pencils.

Intensify your look! Another way of making your kajal stay for long is by dipping your regular kajal pencil in a black gel liner pot and then applying it directly to your waterline. This would make the black very intense and would keep it smudge-free.

Blend in eye shadow for smudge-free eyes If you feel that your kajal is still smudging, then apply a little bit of brown or black eye shadow just below the waterline. Start applying it from the outside and stop at 3/4th of the eye. The powder of the eye shadow will stick on to the creamy texture of the kajal and will not allow the kajal to budge from its place. It is best to leave the inner corner bare or apply a light shimmery shade to make the eyes pop.

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