Adventure Lover, visit this place once

If you like adventure or are bored sitting at home and thinking of thrilled something, you must go to the Grand Canyon once. You'll be filled with enthusiasm after you go here. So let's know more about it.

The Grand Canyon Valley is a narrow valley formed by the current of the Colorado River flowing through the State of Arizona, USA. This valley is mostly surrounded by the Grand Canyon National Park which was one of America's first national parks. According to geo experts, the Grand Canyon Valley came into existence some six million years ago from the flow of the Colorado River. This valley is 446 kilometres long and six thousand feet deep. The 277 km long valley has a width of 6.4 to 29 km at various locations and is deep up to one mile (183 km).
Tourists also enjoy a variety of water sports on the Colorado River. Tourists also get an aeroplane facility to see this giant valley. The Grand Canyon is one of America's largest tourist centres with a huge natural wonder.

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