Are you using Canned foods? avoid it as it may harm your digestive system

Feb 04 2019 07:10 PM
Are you using Canned foods?  avoid it as  it may harm your digestive system

Nowadays, the use of the canned foods is incresing in our daily life but the use of canned food can be harmful for our body.  The researchers claimed that the canned foods may contain zinc oxide that can damage your digestive system. As per the study,  nanoparticles of zinc oxide present in the lining of certain canned goods, usually considered good for its antimicrobial properties and preventing staining of sulfur-producing foods, may negatively affect the way in which human digestive tract operates.

Associate Professor at the Binghamton University Gretchen Mahler, said,"We found that zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles at doses that are relevant to what you might normally eat in a meal or a day can change the way that your intestine absorbs nutrients or your intestinal cell gene and protein expression.” He further added that "They tend to settle onto the cells representing the gastrointestinal tract and cause remodelling or loss of the microvilli, which are tiny projections on the surface of the intestinal absorptive cells that help to increase the surface area available for absorption."

 In the research it is found that canned food contained 100 times the daily dietary allowance of zinc.  This loss of surface area tends to result in a decrease in nutrient absorption. It is found that some of the nanoparticles also cause pro-inflammatory signalling at high doses, and this can increase the permeability of the intestinal model.

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