Argentine Clubs in Pressure to Secure Legacy

Dec 15 2016 11:38 AM
Argentine Clubs in Pressure to Secure Legacy

There is no question about the capacity Argentina possess in context of playing sports and team games especially when it comes to Hockey. They have not only been a regular contender in the past to steal the show at big tournaments like Olympics and big world cup tournaments, but they have also been accurate in some recent hockey leagues around the world. However, when it comes to the Junior Hockey, they seem troubled in the context of the legacy they have inherited long since in field of Hockey.

The Argentine clubs haven't performed as up to the expectations of the Nation in the junior Hockey world cup going on in Lucknow in India these days. They are yet to find the proper momentum which they lacked while facing Australia in their previous game. They not only found themselves in troubles in the context of their virtual defence but they were not near the striking of goals for which the Senior Argentine lions demonstrate when comes to the field games such as Hockey.

In this way, the quest has been on the verge whether these cubs would be able to find the tone which the Argentine legacy inspired many decades in Hockey or this time Argentines cubs are not up to the den of performance. The coach of the junior Hockey team which is playing world cup at the moment in India has already hinted that few games never decide the fate of any international team so there is a certain push as far the encouragements of the organisers are concerned, but it hasn't been on the ground, though.

The coach’s statement matching with Argentine captain of Junior Hockey has also shown the potential to represent but the calibre to become the Argentine lions is yet far from these Cubs, so let’s watch them out when they play their next game till then let's hope that the home crowd in Argentina would expect more from these rising cubs and they would surely wish to win few matches in India to save as memories of rising again in the Hockey the world at large...

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