When Arijit reached the stage wearing slippers, Salman Khan spoiled his entire career

Today is the birthday of Arijit Singh, who won millions of hearts with his voice. Today Arijit Singh is celebrating his 34th birthday. Arijit Singh is a very clean-hearted and easy-going singer. Their pain can also be gauged by listening to their songs. Arijit was born on 25 April 1987 in the city of Murshidabad in West Bengal. His first song came in the 2011 film Murder 2 titled 'Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala Hai Tu'.

The song made Singer the star. Shortly afterward Arijit made people crazy. In 2005, Arijit made his debut with a music reality show. During this reality show, music composer Shankar Mahadevan was very impressed with him. In that show, Arijit was able to reach only the top 5 and after that, he dropped out of the show. But yes Shankar Mahadevan was determined to work with him and then offered a song in the album High School Musical Two. This offer changed Arijit's life. Arijit is a very BDE and well-known singer today, but his simplicity can be gauged from the fact that he goes to the stage to wear the award by wearing a casual shirt and slippers.

Whenever he has received an award, he is seen wearing a casual shirt and slippers. It is said that once Arijit was hosted by Salman Khan on the show where he wore slippers. At that time Salman did not like Arijit's way and asked him 'Were you sleeping?' Arijit replied, 'You guys put me to sleep". As soon as Arijit said this, Salman felt bad, and then he had to apologize to Salman. Arijit's songs fell short as soon as this happened. Salman is said to have stopped getting work. In any case, Arijit is still in the hearts of the people and his songs remain on the top. Right now we wish Arijit a very happy birthday.

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