Army chief calls ‘transformation’ hurls for 'Arthashastra' and 'Chanakya Niti'
Army chief calls ‘transformation’ hurls for 'Arthashastra' and 'Chanakya Niti'


New Delhi [India], Jan 8 (NT): Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Monday called for transformation of the armed forces, saying that the time has come to learn and take nods from the 'Arthashastra' and 'Chanakya Niti'.

General Rawat also noted that every arm and service industry is looking for improvement as the future wars would be fought in more difficult conditions.

Speak to a gathering at the Army Technology Seminar in Delhi, General Rawat addressed, "There is a huge requirement of modernization of our armed forces, in every field. The future wars will be fought in difficult terrains and circumstances and we have to be prepared for them” as quoted by ANI.

He further said there would be proper deployment of technology if the government assists the armed forces.

"A good headway has been made in light weight bullet-proof material and fuel cell technology. The journey has begun and this must continue. We are confident that if we get support from industry, we will walk the extra mile to ensure that we utilise the technology they give us," Army Chief added.


General Rawat asserted that imports in defense equipment looked-for to be subordinated down as India should battle the next war with home-grown solutions.

"We would like to gradually move away from imports (in defence technology), because for a nation like ours, the time has come to ensure that we fight the next war with homemade solutions," General said. (NT)





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