Army son used to send money to mother, then daughter-in-law did this

Bilaspur: This is the case of Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh. Where a military son had to send money to his mother. The woman was so exasperated that she strangled her mother-in-law and killed her. After this, to show the death as natural, the mother-in-law was ill, and the body was covered with a cloth. Since the murder has been revealed in the post mortem report. After which the police have arrested the accused daughter-in-law. The information has come to know that the woman had attacked her mother-in-law many times before. With this, the father-in-law had also beheaded, but the society did not know one thing, he was silent for fear of this. This incident is from the Masturi police station area.

According to the information, Ram Khayan Sahu, resident of village Khaira, father Madhav Prasad is a soldier in BSF who is posted in Punjab. He is married to Premlata (26), a resident of Ratanpur Gondia. After marriage, the BSF jawan went on duty. He used to come home only during the holidays. Premlata used to live with her mother-in-law Karibai and father-in-law Madhav Prasad. Ramayana used to send salary money to mother to run a house. For whom Premlata used to be angry. On this day the mother-in-law came to know about it.

On this matter, Premabai got angry and slapped her mother-in-law on the ground and strangled her. When she died, she covered with a cloth to hide the body. When Ramayan came home that evening, he asked about the mother. Then Premlata said that she is ill and sleeping on the ground. Then Ramayana brought him to the community health center Masturi. Here doctors declared him dead. There was a lot of blood flowing from the mouth and nose of Karibai and there were bruises on the throat as well. If the doctors found this matter suspicious, they informed the police. The police conducted her postmortem.

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