Elder brother shots younger brother in mutual dispute

Feb 18 2020 04:00 PM
Elder brother shots younger brother in mutual dispute

Recently, a new case of crime that has come to the fore has shocked everyone. In this case, the youth has been shot dead by criminals in the Pirbahore police station area of the capital. According to the reports, the elder brother has shot the younger brother on the ground dispute and he has been shot outside the house. In this case, it is also being told that who has been shot.

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It has been reported that he is a retired employee of the Agriculture Department and family members have also accused the elder brother of shooting him. In this case, the person seriously injured in the incident has been taken to PMCH. According to the news received, the information of this case has been given to the police. The police has started investigating the case.

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In this case, police of 3 police stations including the Town DSP have reached the spot and investigation is going on. This is not the first case, but before this, many such cases have come up which have surprised everyone.

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