Police Seize Eicher Car Loaded with Cow Skeletons and Liquor In Ujjain
Police Seize Eicher Car Loaded with Cow Skeletons and Liquor In Ujjain

Ujjain: A commotion erupted in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, after a large quantity of cow bones and liquor was seized from a Eicher car on Agar Road. This led to a blockade by Hindu organizations in protest. The Ujjain Police has filed a case against three individuals in connection with this incident.

The incident took place on Agar Road, approximately 50 km away from Ujjain city. Late at night, an Eicher car loaded with bones and meat was traveling from Agar. Upon receiving information, the Makdon police station created a blockade in Dhabla Hardu village and stopped the vehicle. The Eicher vehicle, registered as MP 09 GF 3984, was inspected after the smell of meat and liquor was detected. During the inspection, the vehicle was found to be filled with bones and meat of cows, bulls, and other animals. Additionally, a blue plastic can containing 60 liters of hand-furnace raw liquor was discovered.

The police identified the accused as Mohammad Khan from Khargone, Premlal from Agar Malwa, and the owner of the Eicher vehicle, Roshan Khan. Upon discovering the vehicle filled with animal skeletons, Hindu organizations and villagers blocked the road. After discussions with the police, the roadblock was cleared. However, during this time, the vehicle was vandalized by the people. The police seized the Eicher car and towed it to the police station with the help of a crane. The driver revealed that the vehicle owner, Roshan Khan from Khargone, had loaded the animal skeletons from Agar and was transporting them to Imran Khan's factory in Khargone.

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