Clash Among Prisoners in Tihar Jail Leads to Injuries
Clash Among Prisoners in Tihar Jail Leads to Injuries

New Delhi: A clash erupted between prisoners in Delhi's Tihar Jail once again, resulting in injuries to three to four inmates. The altercation reportedly escalated to the extent that the prisoners attacked each other with needles. The incident occurred in Tihar Jail No. 3, where the involved prisoners were confined to the same cell.

The confrontation between two groups of prisoners led to a scuffle involving needles on Monday. Upon hearing the commotion, jail staff intervened and separated the prisoners. However, by then, three to four prisoners had sustained injuries. They were promptly transferred to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. The exact cause of the altercation is under investigation.

Following initial treatment at the jail dispensary, the injured prisoners were admitted to DDU Hospital for further medical attention. The injured prisoners, identified as Durgesh, Deepak, Dheeraj, and Dinesh, filed a complaint at Harinagar police station. The police have initiated an investigation, scrutinizing the CCTV footage from the jail premises.

According to jail sources, the clash stemmed from a rivalry between two groups vying for dominance within the jail. Incidents of clashes among prisoners are not uncommon in Tihar Jail. Previously, clashes between members of different gangs and factions have occurred, posing a challenge to law enforcement. In one such incident in Tihar Jail No. 1, a prisoner attacked another using a knife and a tile, resulting in severe injuries. Immediate medical intervention prevented further harm.

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