Bhopal: Cheated Lakhs by becoming PA of 2 ministers, now arrested
Bhopal: Cheated Lakhs by becoming PA of 2 ministers, now arrested

Bhopal: A gang of fraudsters in the name of two ministers has been busted recently in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. According to information received, the police have arrested the accused in the case last Monday. In the case, police said, the accused used to dupe and cheat officials and employees in the name of transferring and posting by calling himself the private secretary of state ministers Bhupendra Singh and Mohan Yadav. Moreover, police officials have also informed that the interrogation conducted by the accused revealed that the accused used to talk only through landline phones to take the people into their trap.

At the same time, he would take a hefty sum of money from them when the deal was finalized. He is said to have transacted money and papers through a photocopy and now the police have caught him through the same photocopy. Police say the accused has been identified as Shailendra Patel (35). Talking about the whole issue, a few days ago, a woman professor told The Education Minister, Dr. Mohan Yadav's personal secretary Vijay Budwani was contacted over the phone. In fact, he talked about his transfer. Talking to reporters, the professor said that she has already given 75,000 rupees to the accused Shailendra Patel for transfer.

Hearing this, Vijay Budwani told the professor that no one named Shailendra was the minister's secretary. After knowing this, the professor's senses were blown away and he realized the fraud that happened to him. On the other hand, understanding the seriousness of the Budwani case, complained about the incident to the Cyber ​​Crime Police. After that, the police arrested the accused from the Saket Nagar area on Monday after conducting a thorough investigation.

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