Dr Jahangir Bhabha, father of Indian nuclear program, who was assassinated by US

On this day, Homi Jahangir Bhabha, the father of the Indian nuclear programme, died in a plane accident in 1966. Bhabha was born on October 30, 1909, to a rich Parsi family in Mumbai. Bhabha was not only a scientist but also a man of versatility. Dr Bhabha's personality was such that Nobel Laureate CV Raman called him Leonardo the Vinci of India.

The Air India flight, which crashed on January 24, 1966, was on its way from Mumbai to New York. But before arriving in the US, the plane crashed in Europe's Alps Mountain Range. 117 people including Homi Jahangir Bhabha were killed in the accident. The US intelligence agency is said to have been behind Dr Bhabha's death. There was a conspiracy to kill Dr Bhabha to stop India's nuclear programme. In 2008, 42 years after the accident, a book by foreign journalist Gregory Douglas, Conversation with the Crow (Conversation With the Crow), excerpts from a conversation between Douglas and CIA officer Robert Crowley. It was in this case that Douglas claimed that the CIA was behind Dr Bhabha's death. According to the book, India's victory in the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war upset the US. India's growing nuclear power had raised US concerns. Former CIA officer Robert Crowley had also admitted that Dr Bhabha's plane had been bombed.

Three months before the plane crash, an announcement by Dr Bhabha shocked the world's largest countries. Bhabha had announced on All India Radio that if they were exempted, they could make atom bombs in 18 months. Bhabha always referred to the development of nuclear energy in the field of security, energy, agriculture and medicine of the country. They considered it necessary for the development of the country. Even today, many experts believe that if Dr Bhabha had not died in a plane crash, India would have achieved many achievements in the field of nuclear science long ago.

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