Everyone can visit Mars, know about this good news

Aug 25 2019 02:15 PM
Everyone can visit Mars, know about this good news

New pieces of information about Mars continues to come up. Users are also eager to learn about it. But talking about Mars, you will be surprised to know that there is also a Mars on Earth. In fact, a holiday website, Tripadvisor, has created an artificial planet on Earth, which looks exactly like Mars. That is, if you want to go to Mars, you can go anytime now.

According to information, these planets are built in the Caves of Artificial Planet Northern Spain. The company has offered people three days and nights here. whose rent has been fixed at Rs 4.80 lakh. It would not be wrong to say that this is good news for those who wish to go to Mars. Find out about it.

Get Mars-like experience
These artificial Mars are located at an altitude of 196 feet from Earth and have a 1.4 km long cave. It has been claimed that the cave will have a very Mars-like view. According to the information, the first trial has been done and you will be far away from the world and people. It has now been opened to tourists.

Training is extremely urgent
However, to stay here, tourists will have to be part of the 30-day program. They will have to undergo three weeks of online training. The three-day training will also be given to strengthening the concerned tourist physically and psychologically. Only then will they be allowed to stay here. They will have to wear special equipment and go to this artificial Mars.

A Memorable Journey
The company says the trip will be nothing short of a thrill. The one who has completed this journey will never forget it. The company says it is working closely with Trip Advisor.

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